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Medical Coding Services

We specialize in blended remote coding solutions that leverage highly skilled and experienced domestic audit educators with superior offshore coders. Our blended solution helps you to decrease your cost while maintaining and in some cases increasing coding quality.


Efficient and cost-effective remote coding services, drastically reducing your cost

Quality assurance plan ensuring a 95% DRG accuracy for inpatient discharges coded by CCS coders.

Certified remote coding professionals.

Expert and professional management team.

Why utilize blended Outsourcing solutions:

Cost Reduction

Reduce the Costs of hiring medical coding staff while maintaining high levels of coding accuracy. Save on compensation packages and benefits as well as reduce or eliminate other expenses associated with maintaining onsite staff.

“The average salary for a certified coder is $75,000 and according to the US Department of Labor, benefits associated with a $75,000 salary add up to $18,000. A $75,000 salary now becomes $93,000”

Quality Assurance Program

Our domestic Audit Educators hail from some of the Nation’s top hospitals and are committed to ensuring coding quality and accuracy. The coders must go through several rounds of quality assurance from their team lead at 100% until 95% accuracy is achieved. Our highly trained and skilled domestic Auditors also conduct an additional round of Quality Assurance providing you with direct feedback as well as ongoing education as needed.

Coder efficiency and production

Using the services of a medical coding company will allow you to access as many or as few coders as needed when you need them. Whether you need us to help you get caught up with a back-log, to cover an employee leave, or if you need a full time coder, we can deliver the right coder for you.

Save space in your facility

Remote medical coding services can allow you to send coding responsibilities to an offsite location, which will reduce the amount of space and equipment you need for in-house coding. This is especially important if your hospital is already stressed for space as it allows you to use that space for other functions.

About Conflux

  • We are a global medical records company specializing in blended remote coding solutions that leverage the Nation’s top domestic auditing talent with superior international coders.
  • Serving large Academic Medical Centers to Critical Access facilities. Our solutions are scalable whether you need 1 or 100 coders to satisfy your needs.
  • Coders are certified with (RHIA, RHIT, CCS, and or CPC) and have over three years’ experience ensuring you receive the expertise required to meet your goals accurately, efficiently, and cost effectively.
  • Blended solutions help you to decrease your cost while maintaining high levels of coding accuracy.

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